Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Oh my goodness. My heart is so full of excitement. So ....YES, we have decided to adopt from China. Jordan and I have always planned on adoption. We had hoped that adoption would be in our future, we just didn't know that it would be this soon. We had always thought that we would finish having children of our own and then adopt, but God had bigger and better plans. Let me retrace the steps for ya'll and bring you up on how we got started on this journey.
  It all started when I went to tea with my friends Smythe and Barbara. My mom had planned a special day for Smythe to celebrate the arrival of her fourth child, the only girl in a sea of brothers. So of course, we went all out and made the table extremely girly. The owner of the tea room just happened to come over and began a conversation with us. We had fun telling her why we were going to all this trouble to make someone feel special and she in return told us that she herself was adopting a boy within a sea of sisters. Of course my ears perked up when I heard the word "adoption". We talked a few minutes more and before I knew it, she had given me the name of a friend who worked at a local Tampa adoption agency that specifically specialized in Chinese adoption. I threw the piece of paper with the contact info in my purse. Now truthfully, I am a sign girl. I like them. I think they are helpful and of course, I took this "chance" meeting as a sign. I called Jordan and said "What do you think? Can I call and just get some information?" After I got the go ahead from the hubs, I called the next day. I had a long conversation with the woman and I was so excited to rely all the information to Jordan when he got home that night. We decided to stew on all the info and begin praying about what to do next.
  Sign #2: A woman in my Tiny Tots class just adopted a boy with special needs. We begin to talk weekly and exchange email /contact info. She used the SAME agency that I had just gotten off the phone with a few days prior.
   Jordan and I talked again a few days later. We had already researched all the qualifications that China has and we met them. We thought "why not? let's do this?"And with that, we picked up the phone and made an appointment to go and speak to the agency about the process. A few days later we mailed in our application to begin the process of adopting a special needs child from China. We  anticipate that this journey will bring many highs and possibly some lows, but we are so excited to watch God move in a mighty way that only He can orchestrate. We pray that HE goes before us and already begins to prepare the heart of the child that will enter into our family. We pray for the birth mother and for her safety. We selfishly pray for us as we have no clue what to expect and of course we pray for our sweet girls and their hearts to accept with arms wide open this precious new jewel.
                "But those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength" Isaiah 40:31

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