Thursday, April 12, 2012

That was Easy!

Received our documents back from the Secretary of State this past Tuesday, April 10. That was a quick turn around time. Next stop on the adoption trail......handing my BIG stack of papers to my brother GRANT so that he can walk them into the Chinese Consulate in Houston. He is saving us mega bucks. And now Grant will have some part in the adoption process which I am sure makes him all warm and fuzzy inside.  Ha! Looking forward to seeing all my brothers and entire family this weekend in Mobile as we celebrate Grannie's 90th Birthday.
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Completed ! Check it off the list !!!!

Oh wow - we've had a very big monumental week! We are officially done with our part- we completed our second home study, all of our documents are ready to be sent to the Secretary of State to be authenticated and our 1800a form is ready to be mailed. If all goes well our social worker thinks that our dossier will be in China by the end of May! I've never been so nervous to mail a package of papers but it is a huge deal to be this far into the process. Again my agency rocks!!

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