Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A little update

We got an official update on Rex today. It was so awesome to hear some personal details. He has 14 teeth, can run, walk, climb stairs. Outgoing, loves to eat congee and steamed dumplings. I can't write his  nickname in pinyin, but it means "baby of the family", so he obviously has taken to the nannies at his orphanage. I think that we end up calling him by his nickname for a while to help him acclimate to his new American name. He is 27.5 pounds, and about 30 inches tall. He is so precious and I really can't wait to get my hands on him. !!!!

His room

I have been busy moving the girls around and cleaning out closets.  I have taken a gazillion trips to Goodwill and Salvation Army and have made room for our sweet boy.  I painted the nursery a taupe color. Khaki wasn't to sure of the whole process but after a few days it sunk in that this was her brothers room now and not hers.  Anyways, I chose this sweet little fox as my inspiration.  I bought in Brookhaven while visiting for Thanksgiving,  I fell in love with the color combination the minute I saw it.   this is also where i bpught my very first BOY outfit. My mom came home to Tampa during christmas so we took one full day to go shopping together. We had so much fun. Our first stop was Little Peeps. I chose an aqua and orange stripe fabric for the bed skirt and am having two crib bolster pillows made in an orange / white polka dot Material with a solid brown fabric for piping and side panels.  For s rocking chair, I am having it covered in a very cute, masculine vintage print that I found at   I adore it.   The bedding should be here in about three weeks   I have been blessed with several bins of hand me downs from Raquel , Katie, and Smythe.  I have purchased him a plane outfit and some Jammie's and some sweaters and coats, but the clothes from them are a blessing. I also was given a sweet little backpack from a dear friend who is also an AP - I had it monogrammed this past week and it is waiting for his precious little hands to carry it around.

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The fox started it all 

Backpack from Angie :) 
First boy outfit that I Brookhaven during Thanksgiving