Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pillow TALK

Well, I have had a pillow made for my sweet baby boy. This company makes it in china and then sends it to the orphanage. The hope is that he will become familiar with our faces and his sisters. We have sent him a photo album as well, but I just love that this will be in his crib the entire time while he waits for us.
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Care Packages and MORE JEWELS

At the beginning of December, I was able to send a care package to Rex. I tracked this package every few days, and it finally was delivered on CHRISTMAS day. Then I found out that Rex was trasferred back to his orphanage and I was very concerned about his new surroundings. I knew NOTHING about his home orphanage and because SB had taken such good care of him, I was worried. I enlisted the help of a woman who is well known in the adoption community as Ann...and she put together another care package for us. We provided hats and gloves to the other children and also outfitted Rex with a new jacket, hat, gloves, mittens and shoes for the BRISK cold weather that Jiyuan is experiencing this winter. In return , we got a few pictures of our sweetie and update measurements. He is very healthy and we are so thrilled to see him being snuggled by many caretakers. Because it is so cold there in Jiyuan, they put a GAGILLION layers of clothes, so it is tough to know exactly how much he weighs, but the information we received was that he was 31 inches tall, wears a size 6 shoe and weighs 27.5 pounds. I am not sure if they weight him with all the layers or not, but one thing is for sure...he has the sweetest chubbiest CHEEKS and this MAMA can't wait to kiss them. 

Here are some pictures of the items that were sent. 

Donation to the orphanage/ Rex's care package

New warm Jacket to keep snuggly warm 

New shoes for my boy's feet 

i am sure the REX will love this picture when he is standing at his rehearsal dinner.
They bundle them up so much, that he can barely keep his arms beside himself. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

A fun way to start the weekend!

We received notice that the United States has granted our IMMIGRATION request for sweet REX. Whoo hoo....Won't be long now. Things are moving quickly and this makes this mama's heart very happy. I just looked at the weather in Jiyuan and it is a bitter cold 19 degrees. Praying that my sweet baby boy is all snuggly warm under 9 layers of coats and his head is covered and his toes are warm....
Oh, Lord Jesus, protect him and the other sweet precious children during this time.
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