Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And so it begins

Day 1 : Travel Day
Our luggage : 3 big bags / 2 backpacks /1 bag for orphanage donations and snacks and 2 carry ons.

I tried really hard to do things for the girls to help them not miss us. I made a Chinese lantern countdown, a calendar with tidbits of information so they know what we are doing each day, made a basket of "happies" to open every few days with dollar store and target treats and surprises, wrote them a note for each day we are gone , and went to the library and picked out a dozen books having I do with Chinese culture. Finley assures me that she is not going to miss us because she is going to be having fun with all her grandparents.

We left our house at 3:45 am. Karen was gracious enough to take us to the airport while my mom stayed at home with the girls. Jordan and I both needed one more snuggle from Finley and Khaki and were so glad we got one extra kiss from them both. We flew to Dallas with no complications and I was able to sleep a little bit. We got a quick bite to eat and now we are just waiting to board our next plane which will take us to Seoul , Korea. I have to say that I am already Intrigued by our fellow passengers. Most are of Asian descent and I have already caught myself staring at precious babies. I also find the stewardesses to be so beautifully elegant. Their hair is tied back and Intricatly braided or done up in a bun. They place chopsticks in the center of their design. We are downloading books on our iPads now and Jordan has already had me laughing this morning We are off to a great start. Next little bit will be from Seoul, Korea

We made it to Seoul. We loved our airline , Korean Air; fabulous service. But we are very tired. We now have been up for 24 hours and we are very much in need of a nice hotel . We are about to board the plane to Beijing.

We are finally to our hotel and we are about to hit the hay. We met our guide George outside of customs and met up with two other families both of which are part of my Facebook adoption group. The city is very smoggy and huge. We face timed the girls just now. All is well on the home front. It's been a very long day. Night y'all


  1. Rest up! Glad the travel went well and that Jordan is still in one piece! :)

  2. Paige, I am so excited for you! Thanks for the updates. I will be praying for you and your sweet family, especially Rex as he gets to meet his forever mom and dad. I know you're busy, but if on the trip home you have some time, you may want to check out this blog:
    I'm sure you have a ton of resources, but she is a sweet, godly girl who adopted a boy from South Korea, about the same age of Rex. I love reading her blog and she seems to love to hear from people going through the same experience. Safe travels!
    Jessica Jones

  3. praying for you and your sweet family Paige, what a blessing, safe travels - Jill