Sunday, March 3, 2013


On Wednesday, FEBRUARY 27, 2013 @ 3:36 PM we received an email that we had been anticipating for MANY days. WE GOT TRAVEL APPROVAL! This allows us permission to come and get REX! Our agency requested our Consulate Approval based on the premise that we told them that we wanted to leave as soon as possible. We got an email the following morning that our Consulate Appointment is set for March 27, 2013 and therefore, we will be leaving March 13 to begin our journey to bringing Rex home. GOTCHA DAY is March 18!!! And yes, I just started crying as I typed those words out....aghh, GOTCHA day...what a beautiful sound, right!?  I have already packed REX..In fact, Rex has been packed for a long time. HA! I am sure that I will add some things at the last minute, but he is pretty much done.  This week I will finish cleaning the house and preparing for the girls to be without their mama and daddy for 17 days.

To my sweet baby boy, Rex
   Your daddy and I have fallen in love with you from afar. We have stared at your picture a million hours. We have studied your features..we have memorized every update we have received. We can't wait to feel you in our arms and to stroke that sweet head of yours. We promise to love you every day of your life. We can't wait to introduce you to your family..and boy, you have a large one. You have 3 uncles, 3 aunts, 2 sets of grandparents, 2 beautiful big sisters, you have 10 first cousins, you have great aunts and uncles, and second have two great grandmothers that are still living, great uncles, great aunts and ALL are so excited to LOVE you and to watch you grow. You have a family waiting for you, my sweet boy, and we can't wait till March will have a FOREVER FAMILY. oh my sweet boy....we are coming! Hold won't be long now.
Love your forever mama and daddy
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